BOX.MK’s 2nd Anniversary

On July 1st , 2017, all staff as well as owner gathered at Golden Pebble Beach to warmly celebrate Boxmaker’s 2nd Anniversary.
After a feast of barbecue, we get down to all kinds of interesting games, such as: “Who is spy?” “Relay race for cup by mouth” and “You act, I guess” and some other physical games: “Cricket”, “Grasping Ball” and so on.
During the games, both of rival tems,Shenfeng vs Wudi, show their great pasison and encouragement to it. Finally the winner is awared with exquisite gifts.
Everyone in Boxmaker believes in one saying: “Gathered as fire, Scattered as stars”.
By virtue of the success of activity for Boxmaker’s 2nd Anniversary, more and more loves we are getting.